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October 2009

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I flushed her marbles down my toliet.

Today has been a god awful day. At my school we had a 'club fair' which is supposed to help you get into clubs and blah blah blah. Well who ever decided to put all the event in the narrow hallway is a real genious (Sarcastically of course)! I was very excited because I was pretty sure we had an anime club at our school and due to me being a fantastic size of 5 ft (Also sarcasm) I couldn't see above the dang people! so what happened to poor me? Well, I never found my club and got thrown aroud by people taller than me. My classes today also went SUPER slow, I still haven't had any succsess in finding my ID card and didn't get a chance to make a lunch today causing me to starve, and my science partner is really hard to work with. (She can't write, she doesn't know how to get specific, and she thinks she is always right) I come home and read the new chapter of Kyokai no Rinne, and while I read it I couldn't help but laugh. Here my day is going to down the toliet and the chapter is about a toliet ghost! The irony was killing me, I thought Rumiko lost her marbles on that one, or maybe she can see into my future...guess I won't know for a long time.

who wants tomorrow to go faster than today