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Oct. 2nd, 2009

Can't wait!!!

This is a really good preview, I can hardly wait for tomorrow XD! some people are chosing to watch the whole anime and pick up with the new episode saturday but me, I'm listening to the music soundracks (That I own) then watching all 4 movies and reading volumes 1-36 throughout today and tomorrow, I just wish I wasn't sick and still getting sick...oh well!!!!!

Who needs to learn how to work Hulu.com before tomorrow

Sep. 30th, 2009

I flushed her marbles down my toliet.

Today has been a god awful day. At my school we had a 'club fair' which is supposed to help you get into clubs and blah blah blah. Well who ever decided to put all the event in the narrow hallway is a real genious (Sarcastically of course)! I was very excited because I was pretty sure we had an anime club at our school and due to me being a fantastic size of 5 ft (Also sarcasm) I couldn't see above the dang people! so what happened to poor me? Well, I never found my club and got thrown aroud by people taller than me. My classes today also went SUPER slow, I still haven't had any succsess in finding my ID card and didn't get a chance to make a lunch today causing me to starve, and my science partner is really hard to work with. (She can't write, she doesn't know how to get specific, and she thinks she is always right) I come home and read the new chapter of Kyokai no Rinne, and while I read it I couldn't help but laugh. Here my day is going to down the toliet and the chapter is about a toliet ghost! The irony was killing me, I thought Rumiko lost her marbles on that one, or maybe she can see into my future...guess I won't know for a long time.

who wants tomorrow to go faster than today

Sep. 29th, 2009

Mirror Mirror...

This is something I wrote sometime this year that I don't remember but It sounds like a five year old wrote it
I just use Shippou in the second part, he and I are alike in lotsa ways. :D enjoy~~~~

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror on my wall
Tell me why am I so small?
You see five feet just isn't fair
People can walk by me without even knowing I'm there
Mirror Mirror on my wall
Still I don't want to be super tall
Then I might walk into a door
And that might mean my head is no more
Mirror Mirror on my wall
Why can't I just be a little tall?
Maybe it's not so bad
Shippou, he understands my pain
both are heights just won't gain
He is a lot smaller than me
But he's just a little kid you see
Shippou may just come out of a book
but he keeps me on a hook
Shippou understands being tossed around
At least I don't get turned upside-down
Maybe five feet isn't so bad
At least I'm not be caught in someone elses hand

XD It's so little kiddish of me but I love it! Shippou seriously is like me! on the 2009 calandar he was even on my birthday month! okay enough random crap, this is it people...my amazing poem!!! haha

has lost her mind

How to properly wake me up in the morning

I was lucky enough to have a day off this monday for a Jewish holiday. This morning however...is a whole other story. Last night I stayed up at least until 12 am reviewing and thinking about the book I'm reading (Memories of a Geisha). It's a fantastic book go read it. I wouldn't even want to get up tomorrow for a place I'm not fond of at all. My grandmother (Who we call mormor) went to wake me up this morning and she woke me up the wrong way. She turned the main light on, the one that's normally attached to fan. I was furious! anyone who knows me knows I hate light..espically in the morning....Most people are actually afraid of waking me up because my evil glare is just as bad as my fathers...and his is pretty intimidating. Just for counters the right way to wake me up is turn my lamplight on for school and just stand by my door and say "Get up" on weekends and holidays.

who is a slave to the dishwasher :(

Sep. 28th, 2009

Crazy people great friends :D

Yesterday, or maybe the day before that I posted my rules on FF.net, well some beotch had some nerve to yell at me, I didn't mind that but for some reason they just brought up Sesshomaru and Kagome rule twice so I looked on this persons profile and learned she was a sessKag fan. I commented on my note (I posted on FB)and had the amazing support of knittingknots and Harmony Sunsinger! actually after seeing the review and her response back from my response...Harmony went and yelled at this nasty girl! and I still can't thank her enough for it! So in the end  what did I learn from all of this...1. SessKag fans are mostly mean and there is only a few nice SK fans out there, 2. never get on Harmony's bad side 3. That SK fan is really going to regret reviewing because us InuKag fans have eachothers back and 4. INUKAG STILL RULES! <3

SessKag fans everywhere are after my blood

Sep. 26th, 2009

hanmajoerin's rules of Inuyasha fanfiction

Before you continue reading please take note that these rules are MY opinions and are just there for fun. If you agree then YAY! if you don't, I don't wanna hear it. hanmajoerin loves Inuyasha fanfiction but over the few years she has become very picky :D





hanmajoerin’s list of ‘Inuyasha fanfiction rules’


1.       If you’re going to write an Inuyasha fanfiction…please make it worth reading.

2.       Don’t go off pairing random people like…Koga and Kagura or Miroku and Inuyasha, especially not Sesshomaru and Kagome…If you write for SessKag I will haunt you, even if you don’t know who I am or what I look like, in some way, shape, or form I will haunt you.

3.       Do not EVER mix twilight’s plot line with Inuyasha’s.

4.       Make sure the story is not just one giant paragraph.

5.       Don’t ever make Sesshomaru OOC, as a matter of fact don’t ever turn Kagome into a goth, or Sango into a prep or make Miroku not a womanizer.

6.       Inuyasha can act like a dog, just don’t make it too overpowering

7.       No matter how much we want to, never twist Houjou’s personality…

8.       If you write AU and add in some of the weapons like Tessaiga or Tenseiga make sure it blends in with the story surroundings.

9.       Always finish what you started (This works for all fanfiction)

10.   When writing a lemon, remember which character took off what and when.

11.   In SessKagu fics Kagura should always be somewhat…saracastic.

12.   If you write SessRin…for god sakes! Make the girl older!

13.   Never pair Jakotsu off with any of the female characters.

14.   Don’t make Naraku Inuyasha’s best buddy, last time I checked they hated each-other.

15.    Kikyou doesn’t always have to be a slut…although it may be fun and amazing….she could simply be the goodytooshoo from next door, or the creepy stalker girl….

16.   If it doesn’t make sense to you…odds are it won’t make sense to someone else, unless your mean to have that in the chapter try rearranging your word choice.


I posted this on FB, and  alot of people seemed to enjoy it. The question is...can you follow my rules...can I?

New LJ

I used to be known as hanmajoerin16 but I hated that account so I trashed it all together. Umm, yeah that's it. I'm going to hang out with my friend Ashlan now so I'll update stuff....later