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October 2009

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Mirror Mirror...

This is something I wrote sometime this year that I don't remember but It sounds like a five year old wrote it
I just use Shippou in the second part, he and I are alike in lotsa ways. :D enjoy~~~~

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror on my wall
Tell me why am I so small?
You see five feet just isn't fair
People can walk by me without even knowing I'm there
Mirror Mirror on my wall
Still I don't want to be super tall
Then I might walk into a door
And that might mean my head is no more
Mirror Mirror on my wall
Why can't I just be a little tall?
Maybe it's not so bad
Shippou, he understands my pain
both are heights just won't gain
He is a lot smaller than me
But he's just a little kid you see
Shippou may just come out of a book
but he keeps me on a hook
Shippou understands being tossed around
At least I don't get turned upside-down
Maybe five feet isn't so bad
At least I'm not be caught in someone elses hand

XD It's so little kiddish of me but I love it! Shippou seriously is like me! on the 2009 calandar he was even on my birthday month! okay enough random crap, this is it people...my amazing poem!!! haha

has lost her mind