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October 2009

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hanmajoerin's rules of Inuyasha fanfiction

Before you continue reading please take note that these rules are MY opinions and are just there for fun. If you agree then YAY! if you don't, I don't wanna hear it. hanmajoerin loves Inuyasha fanfiction but over the few years she has become very picky :D





hanmajoerin’s list of ‘Inuyasha fanfiction rules’


1.       If you’re going to write an Inuyasha fanfiction…please make it worth reading.

2.       Don’t go off pairing random people like…Koga and Kagura or Miroku and Inuyasha, especially not Sesshomaru and Kagome…If you write for SessKag I will haunt you, even if you don’t know who I am or what I look like, in some way, shape, or form I will haunt you.

3.       Do not EVER mix twilight’s plot line with Inuyasha’s.

4.       Make sure the story is not just one giant paragraph.

5.       Don’t ever make Sesshomaru OOC, as a matter of fact don’t ever turn Kagome into a goth, or Sango into a prep or make Miroku not a womanizer.

6.       Inuyasha can act like a dog, just don’t make it too overpowering

7.       No matter how much we want to, never twist Houjou’s personality…

8.       If you write AU and add in some of the weapons like Tessaiga or Tenseiga make sure it blends in with the story surroundings.

9.       Always finish what you started (This works for all fanfiction)

10.   When writing a lemon, remember which character took off what and when.

11.   In SessKagu fics Kagura should always be somewhat…saracastic.

12.   If you write SessRin…for god sakes! Make the girl older!

13.   Never pair Jakotsu off with any of the female characters.

14.   Don’t make Naraku Inuyasha’s best buddy, last time I checked they hated each-other.

15.    Kikyou doesn’t always have to be a slut…although it may be fun and amazing….she could simply be the goodytooshoo from next door, or the creepy stalker girl….

16.   If it doesn’t make sense to you…odds are it won’t make sense to someone else, unless your mean to have that in the chapter try rearranging your word choice.


I posted this on FB, and  alot of people seemed to enjoy it. The question is...can you follow my rules...can I?